Best Forex IB (Introducing Broker) Affiliate Partnership & CPA Programs 2024

Do you want to get super high lifetime passive income by becoming a Forex IB? Forex affiliation is a business model that anyone can apply.

Doing affiliate marketing in the Forex niche is pretty similar to the other niches. Except for one very important detail. Commissions are lifetime and much higher than the others. All you have to do is be able to see investors’ needs and deliver them value.

Forex Introducing Broker (IB) or Forex Affiliate is a partnership program offered by almost all Forex brokers, which allows individuals or businesses to get earnings by referring traders to brokers. Partners (you) will start receiving commissions when referred clients open an account and start trading. Becoming an Introducing Broker is simple and straightforward. Learn all about Forex partnership programs right now, right here.

Compare Top Forex Brokers

Here you can find the comparison list of brokers, showing their commissions and conditions. Please note that we made special agreements with the brokers for you to be able to get better commission rates.

Broker IB Commission IB withdrawal methods Regulation Ready?
XM up to 25$ per lot Crypto (USDT), Stickpay, Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer ASIC, CySEC, IFSC, BaFin
✔️ No Limits on Commissions
✔️ 25 Supported Languages
✔️ Weekly Payments
✔️ Real Time Reporting
✔️ CPA & Revenue Share

* Become an IB now and
start with GOLD level
hotforex up to 15$ per lot Crypto (USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC), WebMoney, FasaPay, Wire Transfer FCA, CySEC, DFSA, FSCA, SFSA, BaFin
✔️ Fast and Reliable Payments
✔️ Auto-rebate system
✔️ Full Access to Statistics
✔️ Multiple trading platforms
✔️ No Limits on Commissions
✔️ Fast Deposits & Withdrawals
up to 6$ per lot Skrill, USDT, Bank Wire ASIC, FCA, CYSec, SCB
✔️ Partners portal with rich client referral metrics
✔️ Dedicated partner account managers
✔️ IB Rebate, CPA, Revenue share models available, Up to $6 per lot and flexible commission rates available
✔️ TradingView integrated – chart and trade via TradingView
✔️ Eightcap Partners paid out $9 million in commissions last year
✔️ MT4 / MT5 (desktop, mobile, web)
✔️ Uncapped earning potential
✔️ Over 1000+ assets to trade from
✔️ Industry leading crypto offering with over 300+ crypto derivatives to trade
✔️ The dedicated Eightcap Partners team has over 20 years of affiliate marketing experience
up to 1.850$ CPA per unique trader* Skrill, Neteller, Bank Wire, Perfect Money and local payment options** FSA, CBCS, FSC, FSCA, CySEC, FCA and CMA
✔️ Competitive CPA payouts
✔️ Daily commission payments
✔️ Smooth payouts with multiple withdrawal options
✔️ Various integration tools
✔️ All traffic types are accepted
✔️ Access to over 3,000 marketing assets
✔️ Affiliate Managers support
✔️ Advanced tracking tools
✔️ Award-winning program
AvaTrade up to 10$ per lot Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer ASIC, Central Bank of Ireland, FSCA, JFSA, JFFA, BVIFSC
✔️ Over 70,000 partners
✔️ CPA & Revenue Share
✔️ Lifetime Cookie
✔️ Dedicated Account Manager
Vantage up to 8$ per lot Wire Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay, SticPay, BTC, USDT, Bitwallet, India Instant Wire Transfer ASIC, FCA, CIMA, VFSC
✔️ Multi-Asset Auto-rebate System
✔️ Over $1M in commissions paid monthly
✔️ CPA & Hybrid Bespoke Deal Available
✔️ Lifetime Rebates
✔️ Daily Rebate Payments
✔️ MAM & PAMM accounts
FXTM up to 18$ per lot* Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer FCA, CySEC, FSCA, FSC
✔️ Over 250 trading instruments
✔️ Fast Withdrawals
✔️ Transparent Statistics
* Starting commission per lot is 4$, click the button and begin with 5$
up to 10$ per lot Crypto, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Sticpay, PerceftMoney CySEX, IFSC, ASIC
✔️ Daily payments
✔️ No limits on commissions
✔️ Work with a personal manager
✔️ A wide choice of free promotional materials
Tickmill up to 10$ per lot Crypto, Sticpay, Wire Transfer FCA, CySEC, SFSA
✔️ Over 60 currency pairs
✔️ Servicing 200+ countries
✔️ 142 bn+ monthly trading volume
✔️ More than 150.000 traders

Compare Top Forex Brokers

Here you can find the comparison list shows the commissions and conditions.

Partner with a Trusted Global Broker:

”Affiliates and IBs from 196 countries choose XM as their partner”

Get more than a Partner Account at XM Partners.

 Up to $25 per LOT
 No Limits on Commissions
 25 Supported Languages
 Weekly Payments
 Real Time Reporting
 24/5 Live Help
 CPA & Revenue Share

* Become an IB now and start with GOLD level

Leading Affiliate Platform:

”HF Affiliates is one of the leading Programs in the industry featuring competitive commissions, marketing tools and exceptional support.”

Partner with a reliable forex broker that has been recognized for having the Best IB Program and won Best Forex Affiliate Program twice!

 Up to $15 per LOT
 Auto Rebate System
 Weekly Payments
 Full Access to Statistics
 Available 24/5 in 25 languages
 No Limits on Commissions
 Free Marketing Tools

Maximize the revenue with the highest conversion rate: %40

”Almost half of users online find eightcap services of satisfactory value to open an account and begin trading with them.”

Multi-jurisdictional Regulation

Standard Accounts – up to $6 per lot, Raw Accounts up to $4 per lot in IB rebates
Up to $6 per lot and flexible commission rates available
Partners portal with rich client referral metrics
IB Rebate, CPA, Revenue share models available
Uncapped earning potential
Over 1000+ assets to trade from
Industry leading crypto offering with over 300+ crypto derivatives to trade
Eightcap Partners paid out $9 million in commissions last year.
The dedicated Eightcap Partners team has over 20 years of affiliate marketing experience

Earn the highest CPA payouts;

Exness Affiliates is an award-winning CPA program from a fintech direct advertiser.

Exness holds multiple regulatory licenses from several financial authorities across the globe.

CPA offer: Up to $1,850 per unique trader, depending on the country
Competitive CPA payouts
Daily commission payments
Smooth payouts with multiple withdrawal options
Various integration tools
All traffic types are accepted
Access to over 3,000 marketing assets
Advanced tracking tools
Award-winning program


“More than $250,000,000 paid to partners, and counting”

We offer a selection of partnership opportunities, including White label solutions for Introducing Brokers, Online Affiliates, Call Centers, Trading Academies and Service Providers.

It's simple and quick to work with AvaTrade

 CPA & Spread Share
 Over 70,000 partners
 Lifetime cookie
 Dedicated Account Manager
 6 regulations across 5 continents
 Multi-language (20) website

Increase your potential revenue with FXTMPartners:

”Broaden your Earning Potential and Grow with a Reliable & Trusted Broker”

FXTM is a multi-award winning global authority in the Forex industry and a broker your clients will trust.

 Up to $18 per LOT*
 Hybrid Payouts
 Transparent Statistics
 Over 250 trading instruments
Fast Withdrawals
 Exclusive Promotions
* Starting commission per lot is 4$, click the button and begin with 5$

Take total control over your profit:

FBS Partner Program for IBs, local representatives, Forex experts for personal contacts and local activities.

Partner with a reliable global broker and get a rewarding revolution of your income. The more clients you bring to FBS — the more you gain.

Daily payments
No limits on commissions
Work with a personal manager
A wide choice of free promotional materials

Invite traders to Tickmill and earn commission from their trades!

”Becoming an Introducing Broker can be the easiest method to increase your income”

“As an IB you can work from anywhere, even promoting your services through a website.”

 Up to $10 per LOT
 5% discount for your clients
 Rready-made advertising material
 Weekly payments
 Dedicated account manager
 No Limits on Commissions
Free Marketing Tools

Forex IB commissions vary by your prefered model. There are two main models which are CPA and Revenue Share. We will give an example of the most common and profitable model which is revenue-spread share.

Let’s assume that you earn 10$ commissions (this is average) from 1 lot transaction which is made by a trader who you referred to your contracted FX Broker.

Let’s think about 5 traders who opened standard accounts and were funded.

Referred Clients Deposit Trading Volume
First client 1000 15 lot
Second client 1500 10 lot
Third client 3000 25 lot
Fourth client 800 15 lot
Fifth client 5000 40 lot
🔴 Number of lots (15+10+25+15+40) * $10 (commission per lot) = $1,050
🔴 Or let's assume, the average trading volume of each five clients is as low as 2 lots per day:22 (trading days in a month) * 10 (5 clients * 2 lots per day) * 10 USD (commission per lot) = $2,200 💰


Now let’s see the table below in case of you referred more traders:
Number of clients Average trading volume
per day
Forex IB Commission (in a month)
3 2 lot $1,320
10 1.5 lot $3,300 💰
20 1 lot $4,400 💰💰
40 0.5 lot $7,040 💰💰💰
100 0.8 lot $17,600 💰💰💰💰
🔴 Trading volume (lot) of a trader varies depending on Trader personality, Deposit amount and Trading strategy
🔴 Day traders (Intra-day traders) trade an average number of 5 trades per week.
🔴 Long term trades trade an average amount 10 trades in a month

You can see above the examples of how high commissions IBs can earn.

If you work on your marketing practices and reach out to high volume traders, you can make special partnership agreements with Forex Brokers, hence you can get higher commissions, special benefits and valuable presents.

Couple of Payment Proofs [Gallery]

How to get started?

First of all you choose companies (XM, HotForex, FXTM etc.) that you will promote and then you need to make IB agreements with them.

Meanwhile companies will ask you about how you will reach your clients. Options can be via website, social media, seminar/webinar, face to face communication and such online and offline channels.

In our conversations with brokers, they say that a significant part of their profits are made by IBs. That's why they give so much importance to IBs. Therefore your IB applications will likely be approved shortly.

You will complete the most important step when traders register by using the link provided to you by the Forex Broker (so that it’s possible to prove traders registered by you).

In your affiliation panel, you can track your commissions which are automatically added by each transaction that your clients made. When you reach the withdrawal limit you can transfer your earnings to your bank accounts, Crypto (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.), Skrill, Webmoney or other digital wallets.

No matter how competitive this niche may seem, good work has a snowball effect, it keeps leading to more success! Just keep doing what you are doing. Everything will make more sense with the increase of the commissions and the number of new clients on the IB panel.

How to reach potential traders?

Traders would like to see the pros and cons, general information, real trader experiences while looking for a forex broker. Hence we suggest you focus on reviews and comparisons.

You can shoot videos and write articles to introduce the forex broker and publish them on your website, YouTube channel, social media accounts. Then you can use digital marketing to reach traders. Also Google Ads and email marketing channels are allowed. In addition, you can create groups on WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram. If you have solid finance knowledge, then you can share “forex signals” on each platform.

On the offline channel, you can arrange webinars or forex training seminars. Often, the brokers support face to face event costs, after which you can get attendees to register under your IB account. This channel provides direct and physical contact with the traders so that the registration rate is pretty high.

As a partner, you will be the first to know about the promotions and opportunities offered by the companies periodically, and you can gain new clients by sharing this information on your prefered channel.

Sky's the limit. There are almost no restrictions. Brokers support almost every idea suggested by IBs. Never hesitate to share your ideas with account managers.


The most common partnership models

The commission models offered to IBs may differ from company to company.

  • CPA model
  • Spread/Revenue Share model
  • Hybrid model (CPA + Revenue Share)


In the CPA model, a trader opens an account, when the broker conditions are met, the IB gets a one-time payment up to $800. The condition differs from broker to broker.

Revenue Share or Spread Share model is transaction-based commision model. Affiliates (IBs) make profit by each trade that clients make (regardless of gain or loss). It's the most prefered model because it's for lifetime! Unlike CPA, there is continuous profit as the traders in your network keep trading.

Hybrid is a low commissioned model which integrates CPA and Revenue Share commission models.

According to our experience the most profitable return can be made from the Revenue Share model. While it’s hard to fulfill prerequisites of CPA and Hybrid models, there is no prerequisite for the Revenue Share model which makes this model the most preferred and sustainable one.

Choose and promote the reliable brokers

As an IB, you should find the best brokers for your clients, NOT only the high paying brokers. It would be logical to promote popular brokers in your target country. Well-known companies have the highest CTR (click through rate) and hence it would be easier to promote them. It would be advisable to make sure the broker accepts clients from your target country.

The worldwide 2021 forex market is worth $2,409,000,000 ($2.409 quadrillion). On average, $6.6 trillion is traded everyday on foreign exchange markets. This is significantly higher than the previous analysis done by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in 2016 when the market was valued at only $1.934 quadrillion dollars.

Every day new traders register while millions of investors trade actively. According to our analysis IB population is quite low. You can get prepared and start to lead new investors now!

💰 Revenue: Unlimited & Life Time
💰 Partnership Types: CPA & RS
💰 Any cost? Free of charge
💰 When can I start? Right NOW


Key Information and Tips

According to our experience, IBs focus on certain details when they try to make a decision on which brokers to choose and promote.

  • Regulations and Partnerships (shows the trustworthy of the broker)
  • Spread rates (traders always tend to find the lowest spread rate brokers)
  • Bonus (depending on the country and regulations some brokers offer a good amount of bonus credits to their clients)
  • Support (fast, easy and multi-way communication is important)
  • Funding and Withdrawal options (important for traders and IBs)
  • Platforms (MT4, MT5, mobile and custom apps are must be provided)
  • Number of clients (if the Forex Broker has more than million clients, this broker is more appealing for the new traders)
  • Minimum deposit (low deposit option is important when the trader wants to try a new Forex Broker in a real account)
  • Maximum leverage
  • Account types (micro, pro, swap-free, ECN, Copy-Trading, etc.)
  • Educational materials (videos, webinars, etc.)
  • Trading instruments (markets and products)
  • Additional fees

Frequently Asked Questions

What is forex affiliate?

Forex affiliate marketing is similar to other affiliate marketing methods. It works with an affiliate link and also with your id number.

Forex is a competitive market, but millions of potential clients are still looking for reliable brokerage firms.

What is an Introducer Broker in Forex? – IB vs Affiliate

You know what affiliate is. If you have a website or any other channel to promote a product or service, you can just put your links and wait to get some conversions.

Introducer Broker is basically one step higher than affiliate. Becoming IB means adding more value to the clients and your partner brokerage firm. It represents a long-term relationship also, better commission rates.

The “affiliate” term is mostly based on the CPA model.

What is CPA in Forex?

CPA is known as Cost-Per-Acquisition or Cost-Per-Action. In forex, CPA deals are quite high. The average CPA payout is around $500.

But the conditions are a little bit hard. First, a client should register through your link, fund his/her account, reach up to the required trading volume then finally you get the CPA offer.

This is the only and maximum payout you can get from a single client. But in the Revenue Share model, the payouts are lifetime and unlimited.

What is the maximum CPA offer?

As we have already mentioned, the average CPA offers are around $500. Even so when the conditions get complicated and tough, you may get better CPA offers from brokers. What does it mean?

For example, when a client registers with your link and makes a deposit for $1,000 you can get a $100 commission. But if you want a higher CPA offer, your client has to achieve more goals like funding $2,000 and trade at least 10 lots.

How can I see my statistics?

Every brokerage firm has its own web dashboard. The data(Clients, lot, registration date, commissions, balance) shared by some is quite transparent, but this is not the case for all brokers.

Generally, you will see how many clients clicked your link, how many of them funded and the commission you earned.

When can I withdraw my IB commissions?

In general, payments are made on a weekly basis and the withdrawal limit is around $50-$100.

Are there any requirements to become an affiliate?

It's to an affiliate program. But the affiliate manager will ask how you will refer clients to the brokerage firm.

So basically, you have to have a website, social media account, instant messaging group or direct relationships with the investors.

How to start earning money?

After making your plan, you are free to use any platform, such websites, blogs, forums, social media platforms, email marketing, PPC (except brand keywords), seminars, webinars, whatsapp/telegram/signal groups, offline activities, or any other method.

Any method is allowed and the shortest cookie duration is one month.

Top 9 Forex CPA Deals & Best Affiliate Program Offers

  • XM – up to $25 per lot –  $500 CPA offer
  • HotForex – up to $15 per lot
  • AvaTrade – up to $1000 CPA offer
  • EightCap – up to $6 per lot
  • FXTM – up to $18 per lot
  • FBS – up to $10 per lot
  • Tickmill – up to $10 per lot

Why is the Revenue Share Model crucial?

So far we have explained Forex Affiliation and its various details. From now onward we will focus on how the values can add to your life. If you desire to enrich your life standards by a sustainable passive income as a financial source where only you define the working modality, Forex Market within Affiliate Marketing meets your expectations in the best way. Revenue Share affiliate model provides you financial freedom by ensuring you have a lifetime income. You can obtain the life standards you aim for in a relatively short time by networking through different actions with the Revenue Share model. The Revenue Share Model assists you to see the world through a different lens with right brokers, right channels and accurate information.

If you know what you are doing, you can make a good amount of money.

You can reach us from our contact page or live chat box anytime.

If you are ready, start this job that will change your life right away!